Poinsettia, pre- and post-pruning

I recently inherited a holdover from the Christmas greenery, a Poinsettia. While I need to read up on how to usher it into a safe and sound dormancy, for today, the plant it is sitting out in the sun on a dresser. It needed a pruning something awful; about a third of the bracts fell off simply by bumping the plant as I turned it to and fro when I was taking pictures. I removed everything that was chlorotic and/or necrotic. I’ve never really taken care of a poinsettia before, so I was surprised to see a milky sap beading in the stems where I pruned them. I learned later, via the internet, that poinsettias are only mildly toxic — saw some statistic derived from a study that found a child would need to eat 500 bracts in order to produce a toxic effect — although some people are allergic to poinsettia’s sap. My diagnosis: I am not one of them. Huzzah.


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