January 22nd pictures — snowy fields

The weather has been sleety and windy this weekend. I noticed in the corn fields near our house that the snow and dirt had marbled together and created interesting drifts all along the road, so I went out to get some pictures.

Closeup of the soil:

There was a thin sheen of ice on everything out there today, including the plants —

Other views of the fields near our house:

My favorite picture from the outing:

I believe this is velvetleaf -- Abutilon threophrasti -- a weed on the edge of corn and soybean fields, which is exactly where this was taken.

39 thoughts on “January 22nd pictures — snowy fields

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  2. Very nice . . . I too occasionally go on some of the back roads to capture the snow features in places where people don’t often travel.

    Have not done it for a few years, and these photos makes me want to go out.

  3. Your favourite picture is mine too. Fascinating and beautiful. Thanks for visiting my blog today. As a result I have found yours and will definitely be visiting again. Really lovely pictures. 🙂

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