Ditch pictures, part 1

On the way to the farm field pics yesterday, I got distracted by the ditch.

I think this grass might have been infected with rust.

There’s a huge variety of plants growing down there, and with the exception of milkweed (below), with its large, distinctive pods, I hardly know what any of them are.

Really tall clover? I don't know.

Really, really don't know.

I managed to terrify myself opening the picture below, because when you are a hysterical arachnophobe, even when you are viewing your own picture of sumac* you are apt to re-imagine its limbs as spider parts that are about to leap out of the screen and kill you.

More sumac.

*A “cool story, bro” moment about my struggles with the name of this plant: I know what sumac is, I’ve known what it’s called for years, having seen it growing along the road all over the region long before I ever really became interested in plants. And yet for some reason it is almost impossible for me to quickly recall the name of it when forced to. I know it starts with “S.” I even know the genus it belongs to starts with “R.” While writing this post, I sat there like a simpleton, going, “…Sycamore? No, wait. Ssss…ycamore? NO THAT IS NOT IT.”

The trees:


7 thoughts on “Ditch pictures, part 1

  1. Love the one with the three “fingers” reaching for the power lines. Made me think of the plant reaching for the sun, for the power, for something…

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