Woodsy pictures 2, (almost) nothing-but-trees edition

Lovely seeds.

The way the buds are bundled at the ends of these shoots, they remind me of little bones.

Love the impressive exposed roots on this tree.

Everything's topsy-turvy.

About the only tree around here I can feel reasonably certain ID'ing based on the bark alone -- the hackberry, with its worm-like ridges.

From the same tree as the above...look, an eye! An angry one. Crusty with lichen, too.

I tried to ID this tree based on the shredding strips of bark alone, but to no avail. It is rather intriguing, though.

I love the narrow strips of red in the bark of this tree -- not sure what it is, either.

Dead tree, happy moss.

This twisted limb or vine or SOMETHING is a common fixture in our landscape. Every once in a while it contorts itself into a new shape. I dub it the Noodle from here on out.

This is taken on the edge of another landmark in our woods, a ring of several large trees that looks like it should be the site of some pagan ritual.

Looking up from the heathen ring.


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