More woodsy winter pics

The wind and cold picked up this afternoon, but out in the woods it was sheltered and relatively warm, so I snapped these pictures:

Some kind of fungus, I imagine.

These water droplets were gathered on the leaf of a plant that looked kind of like lamb's ear.

I wish I knew what these little growths were! I noticed them on the undersides of dozens of plants. They looked like larger versions of some of the microscopic, spore-bearing fungal structures I looked at in my plant pathology class.

Metal post

Frost patterns on the steps up to the back deck.


10 thoughts on “More woodsy winter pics

  1. Cool close ups!! Love the angles. I can only imagine what its like outdoors in winter, cos in sunny Singapore, we only have hot & humid and rain! So am glad to experience nature in winter 🙂 thanks for stopping by my blog too

    • Yeah, frozen and sore fingers and toes, icy roads, blinding white snow and general misery seem like just an intrinsic part of winter from my perspective, so it’s hard for me to imagine the reverse as well. I actually like our winters well enough, but on occasion I would trade them for something like Singapore in a heartbeat. Glad I can share a little bit of our winters with you, thanks for stopping by!

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