Collage update

Gluing many small pieces of paper onto another piece of paper is one of my favorite pastimes. I started a collage a couple of weeks ago and have been making incremental progress on it (see an earlier post on that here). Below are many small details from the collage. I wonder if the collage might suggest an undue importance of onions, oranges, Montana, gulls, and hostas — among other things — in my life. But I’ve thought about it, and I’m okay with it.

The real answer is that these were the pictures that were lying around, so I’m making something with them.

Those pieces in context:

St. Francis and Jesus chilling at the center. All the little tiny nuggets of rubber cement are clinging to them, and they must be brushed away before I can glue new stuff down. It is a sticky business.


7 thoughts on “Collage update

  1. I must admit, I absolutely LOVE the top image series of pictures, it all seems to work so well, so much going on, very simple but effective 🙂

    p.s. thanks for liking the balloon post 🙂

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