January 30th pictures: hey, what are the cats up to?

Strapped for other ideas or simply entranced by their heightened state of adorableness, I return to the cats over and over again to take pictures. Here’s a chronicle of what they’ve been doing the last few days, where “doing” is really only true in a more existential sense. What the cats are doing is simply being. They’re pretty lethargic.

Rio, 19 years old: the ranking cat of the household

Layla, 10 years old: glutton and general hellion

Layla kind of hates me. See the hatred apparent in her eyes.

See, look at her openly deriding me.


13 thoughts on “January 30th pictures: hey, what are the cats up to?

  1. Beautiful pictures of your cats 🙂 I’ve tried to take pictures of my cat before, but she’s not very photogenic. (Sorry, kitty…you always have your eyes half-closed, anyways). My rats and rabbit are much more photogenic 😀

    • Thank you! It’s usually tough for me to get pictures of my cats, too. As lethargic as they typically are, they always manage to move a little bit and the stock-still ones tend to be either just not good photographs and/or unflattering pictures of the cats (and I’d hate to damage their image, you know!).

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