Plants at sunset

Chrysanthemum foliage

Shriveled leaves

Chrysanthemum flower

Can't remember

Sunset on trees on the other side of the river bank


8 thoughts on “Plants at sunset

    • Thanks, Carlos! Living in Minnesota where winter is insists on making its presence known 50% of the time, you really make things better for yourself if you make a conscious effort to not hate winter. Which is really hard sometimes. That said, I can’t help but have a new appreciation for the season, taking these pictures.

  1. great shots.. I have to agree living in Canada (not as far north as you however) we do have to make the best of the season. Fabulous DoF on your shots by the way. I also wonder is that your eye in your avatar? The reason I ask is because I am currently working on a photo portrait series called ‘Blue Eyes’ utilizing selective colouring and black and white

  2. Thanks for the kind words! Yeah, for me winter’s been a lot better this year not just because it’s been so mild but because it’s provided a lot of different picture-taking opportunities (especially enjoyable when you have nothing else to do outside because you don’t enjoy any winter sports…). And yes, that is my eye, though in the icon it’s almost kind of teal, I guess, but it’s decidedly more blue-grey in reality. Your project sounds neat!

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