February 2nd pictures — in the ravine

It’s the alliterative under-text edition, or is it assonance?

A found feather

Strange, stingy semi-symmetry

Ripped-out roots

Light through leaf

Leaf in log

Crazy crap in crevice

Closeup of crazy crap

Rusty remnants

20 thoughts on “February 2nd pictures — in the ravine

  1. It looks like the light intensity grew from overcast to more and more unimpeded sunlight; it must have been good to be outside … seeing the world through your camera lens. Good schtuff, here!

    • It was such a beautiful day, little tough to get the pictures I wanted with it being so bright, but bar none the most pleasant day to take pictures in a long time, thanks to the sunshine. Overall really like the effect it had in many of these pictures. Thank you!

  2. Beautiful use of line and natural texture to create images of Nature’s abstract sculptures. The feather image is particularly striking. The leaf in log is interesting and the last two are very intriguing subjects and images. Try that leaf shot in B&W. it will emphasize the texture and the leaf in the foreground when the brown tones are removed. The last one would also look good in a soft sepia tone and emphasize the rusted metal-passage of time. Well done !

    • Thanks so much! I did actually get some black and white shots of a lot of these that I will probably share later; I think you’re right about that. Will try out the sepia tones, too. Thanks for stopping by!

    • Ha, yeah, sometimes I labor to find to identify exactly what it is I’m captioning, down to the species, and sometimes I just stop caring. Hence “crazy crap.” Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Love the last photo, “Rusty Remnants.” Like the circular pattern as it veers off the photo and that you didn’t center it. The first photo is rather nice as well. You have a great eye for capturing the usual in an unusual way.

    • Thanks, Steve! I don’t really know how or why the little hollow appeared, but I noticed that all over the area where this was taken, similar hollows appeared around the bases of many of the plants, fallen leaves, twigs, etc. We get a lot of wind around here, although it’s typically kind of still down in the woods…maybe they carved out some kind of hardened, snowy formations?

      By the way, your wildflower photos are absolutely stunning — seriously envious over here.

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