Pictures from a wee tiny town.

I don’t know that this particular town ever had much of a heyday, but it’s definitely quieter these days. There’s two churches, a post office, a café that’s rarely open, and not much else.

Mural on the side of the rarely open café.

A busy intersection.

Does not seem to be in business.

A fair question from the Baptist church.

The church in question.

Someone has made an uninspired effort at some faint yellow graffiti all along the pedestrian walkway.

The still sort-of frozen surface of the river, view from the first bridge.

Ripples in the soil at the riverbank.

The town is partially enclosed by a major highway, kind of like its own Périphtérique (hémi).

Where the trolls are (not pictured).

A plant by the river's edge.

Grasses and a feather

Bright leaf under the bridge.

Dull days.

Turn back, head towards town.

One of few non-residential buildings in the town.

On the way back, I saw, of all things, a tree.


9 thoughts on “Pictures from a wee tiny town.

    • Thank you! Even as one of the occasional under-raters, I completely agree with you. I think there’s something special about these kinds of places.

    • Thank you so much! There are occasional signs of life, but they’re pretty modest. In summer it actually comes alive, but in the dead of winter it’s sort of a still, melancholy-looking place.

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