February 6th pictures — Sky-tinted water


Alright…if I’m honest, beer-tinted water. Whenever the ice in the driveway begins to melt, it takes on this rich, yellowish-red tinge that makes it took like slushy, dirty beer. But today I caught a reflection of the sky and some of the trees on the edge of the yard in the melt, which I thought looked quite nice.

Today is an amazingly springlike, lovely day. 48°F.





25 thoughts on “February 6th pictures — Sky-tinted water

  1. Nice.

    I want to stress this is not criticism; just a suggestion based on what I noticed about my own pictures . . . the inclusion of power wires is not usually intentional. We are so used to them that sometime they are invisible.

    But in the first photograph, at least for me, they draw the eye because they are in a relatively “clear” area of the composition. Of course, if it was intentional, then never mind

    • You don’t need to be shy with criticism! I’ve come to accept power lines as a fact of life around here. They sneak their way into a lot of my pictures that would otherwise be much better. That said, I wanted and like their presence in this picture; I like the additional bit of structure it gives by zoning the reflections of two trees into their own areas.

      It takes away some of the dreamlike atmosphere (how the scene initially struck me) of the picture with its reminder of damn modern life. So I can understand where it would just be a detraction/distraction for others. But somehow it still works for me.

    • Thanks so much! They really can be distracting, although out here in the country a long row of them disappearing off into the horizon can be a nice touch, depending on what you’re doing.

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  3. Gorgeous! That first photo is absolutely amazing. And I like the power lines. They add structure to the photo and, to me, show that the photo wasn’t taken in a forest but near civilization so they give context to the photo.

    • Thank you! That’s another argument in their favor I like…obviously you’re always making choices about what to include and what to exclude in a picture, but those power lines are a really difficult-to-avoid facet of life out here for all of my pictures, the ones facing west anyway. The place I live in is really beautiful but it’s not a totally unspoiled idyll either, so I kind of like that a pictures reflects that.

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