Additional woodland adventures

Before I forget about them, a grab bag of pictures that I liked for one reason or another from the last few days’ worth of treks down to the woods and river.



Part of a burnt log from last season in the fire pit.


The too-easy caption: x marks the spot.


Lovely pattern -- I


Our Christmas tree, waiting to be turned into kindling. The undersides of balsam fir's needles are nice and distinct.


The balsam fir has a wound; it is crying.


See, I did it. I stood on the ice.

Next a miniature series I call Oh God No, Littering!


We've found all kinds of crap washed up on the sandbar. I'm not sure what this and I don't like to see it there, but as a picture I like it!


OK, I told myself I'd pick this up on the way back up the ravine. But then I couldn't find it. That must make me like an unintentional, second- or third-generation polluter. Anyway, I wonder how old this beer can is. They don't look like this anymore.


Couldn't resist for the color.





This is like the poor man's river-lamb ear. No idea what it might actually be.


I love me some moss.


A shiny shell against sparkly snow. Shiny plus glittery is an irresistible combination for this raccoon.


The above is a point of ice sticking out over one of the only (then-) open surfaces of the river. This is the same spot as the first picture in my post from earlier today.


16 thoughts on “Additional woodland adventures

  1. They are all great shots, but my favorites are the 2nd and 3rd shots. The third shot makes fantasize about finding hidden confedrerate or pirate gold.

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