February 11th pictures: cold day

The wind blew so hard today I could barely stand being outside. But I tried.


A message from the window to me?

The next few are from my camera’s toy camera effect — it feels a little silly recreating such a thing, but whatever;  it’s there and I’m using it —  taken on a cross-country ride home. Perhaps a real toy camera is in order.



"That tree is beautiful!!!" I said, a little too late and an angle too wonky.


Sunset on the trees.

There’s a small lake a stone’s throw from us, which I’d never actually been to. My dad and I went out there today but I don’t think we stayed even five minutes; the wind was so awful. Some braver souls were ice fishing, though.


The desolate road from the lake.




I love how neat and tidily the buds are arranged at the topmost parts of these branches.


All lines converging on one little tree. Wield that power carefully, little tree!


Prairie livin'. Or the border of prairie and deciduous forest, rather. Heavily reshaped by agriculture, I should add.


The road that leads down to a little valley where I was going to take pictures unbothered by the wind. The wind bullied me back inside before I made it, though.

I know it’s dull to some people, but I think this landscape is beautiful because it is so stark.


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