The life and times of little lamb.

I have an accidental, burgeoning collection of sheep. I posed them this evening in my new lightbox, because it sure seemed like the thing to do.


Hitching a ride. Optical illusion time: Is Little Lamb a free-loader, or adorably misguided and in need of our assistance?


The inevitable answer to all of this.


Little Lamb hopes this is cotton he's caught in and not the remains of Aunt Girdie.


Little Lamb embarrassingly becomes entangled in the art installation.


Alright, now I'm beginning to think he deserves what happens to him. Such incautiousness, Little Lamb.


Definitely deserves it.


Careful, Little Lamb. Exercise sufficient reverence in front of the Dead-Eyed Fisherman.


Finally, respite.


20 thoughts on “The life and times of little lamb.

  1. That lightbox is really a gem! I almost shed a tear as the lamb made it back to its nest. At some point you should make a stop-motion video detailing more adventures of the lamb. Or, a stop-motion video of a day in the life of 1M would be pretty interesting!!! If you condensed the hours of blissful sleep of course.

    • I decided not to leave a note about the baby birds that selfish Little Lamb essentially made homeless because come on, it’s not that kind of story.

      1M 2D: The Flipbook Experience? Maybe I’ll build a really big, comfortable lightbox that she can live in, somehow.

  2. I like the art installation one ….it truly looks like little lamb is a little “sheepish” and attempting to disentangle before anyone notices.

  3. Your parce que reminded me of the French saying “Retournons à nos moutons.” Literally that means “Let’s return to our sheep,” but people use it to mean “Let’s get back to the topic we’re supposed to be on,” “Let’s get back to business.” Why anyone other than shepherds would be expected to get back to sheep, I don’t know, but maybe it was shepherds who made up the saying.

    • Thanks for reminding me of that particular idiom. I studied French in college and one of my professors was fond of saying that. It was one of my favorites — likening staying on track herding unruly, slightly dumb sheep makes perfect sense to me.

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