February 14th pictures: Fun with burrs

There’s a plant growing on the frontier of our back garden and the woodsier reaches. I kept trying to take a closeup of its little flowers which were, I bemoaned, maddeningly prickly and kept affixing themselves to my coat. Well when I finally looked a little closer I saw that they were burrs and there were no other remnants of the flowers.

I’m not exactly sure what it is, but via Wikipedia’s page on plant genera with burrs, I was led to Enchanter’s nightshades (Circaea spp.) and I think this may be it.


I was originally attracted to this plant a) because of the delicate little burrs (that I thought were flowers), but also because of b) the form of their bowed branches. I thought this picture did an okay job showing that off.


We got this weird thing called snow yesterday. I know, funny, right?


Another accident that is rather busy, but I still like it.


It's like a streak of burr lightning!



They look like wicked unlit lanterns.



Don't mess with me, burrs, because I will fight back. You may stick to me but I have a fist.


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