It’s time for more gratuitous pictures of cats!

In the “About” section of my blog I all but promised/threatened a steady stream of cat pictures. (If you’ve been following, you also know that I severely underestimated the percentage plant life would occupy in my subjects — 70% ended up more like 170%.) Well, I’ve been remiss in my duty. Today I will make some small effort at correcting that by posting pictures of the lady of the house, our 19-year-old cat Rio.


The gaze of the wisest, most beautiful cat in the world.









Rio says, "Alright, I'm done with you getting all up in my face with the pictures..."


"...REALLY done."

In other news, a truly proud moment for me recently occurred: somebody found my blog by searching with the keywords “eyes of hatred.” I could almost retire the thing now, my mission completed. But I’ll keep going, and whoever you are, I can guess the picture that led you here. And while I’m sure you weren’t really looking for a picture of my cat’s baleful gaze, know that you are most welcome back here for all of your angry cat picture needs.


39 thoughts on “It’s time for more gratuitous pictures of cats!

    • She actually does a pretty good job holding still for me (well, I flatter myself that she’s holding still for me but really she’s just content standing in the sunshine). And very photogenic while doing so! Thanks for stopping by.

  1. I thought we were the only ones who had long-lived cats. Kitty, our last one, lived to 20 years and a few months. Alley, our previous one, to 19 and a half.

    Nice pictures, and yes, I recognize the look . . .

    • Thanks! I almost didn’t post that one because I thought, does anyone really wanna see the cat’s back end? But I thought it was so funny and perfectly encapsulated feline boredom and indifference.

    • I take a boatload of pictures of both the family cats, but rarely will they hold still long enough for me to get some pictures I kind of like. I am going to try to post some more pictures of them, though, because that’s what a crazy cat lady in the making does.

      I do love the banner of your blog, by the way — so expressive and lovely!

      • Haha, yeah, I know the problem, mine won’t sit still as well. Especially my she-cat Tricky, it’s almost as if she knows when I am about to take a picture. She will be lying perfectly still right up until I take the shot πŸ˜›

    • Thank you very much! And I’m not a frequent visitor but I have caught many an image on other sites and I think they’re hilarious. I love how so much of the internet has been take over a steady stream of amusing cat pictures and videos.

  2. Awesome shot of beautiful Rio….we have Minnie who is 17 years old…and she is very very wise too and actually she is the Queen of my house…my Minnie Mouse….she is my kitty girl. Before her we had Kalamazoo who was all back like Rio but had the no tail option as he was a Manx…your photos are incredible….thank you for sharing them and be sure to give Rio a scratch and rub for me.

    • Isn’t it great to have cats as companions for so long? And I like Manxes, they’re very pretty. I also like cats with no tails, although the only one I’ve met lost his tail in the wild. His stump is very expressive, however.

      Thanks so much for stopping by! I’ve given Rio a pat just now. πŸ™‚

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