Odds, ends

Last night’s sunset was lovely with some soft blue thrown in the mix, which is always pretty. I wonder if there’s anything more frequently photographed than sunsets and sunrises. I don’t care. I’m Team Take-a-picture-of-every-sunset-ever.




I painted me some more light, this time with the lowest ISO. The results weren’t that interesting — though I have some more ambitious efforts to post later — but I did like the colors in this one and what appears to be the evil eye nestled in that C-shape.


15 thoughts on “Odds, ends

    • Yeah, I’ve been snap snap snappin’ away at even the mediocre ones of late. Actually, I think they’re very rarely mediocre, they’re just not always technicolor dreams.

    • Thanks, Lloyd! I thought that one was kind of neat with its unintended/unexpected colors and how the light became a broad swipe down the middle of the image.

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