February 19th pictures: Layla

Since Rio got her moment in the sun a couple of days ago, it’s now time for Layla to have her due. She’s not as photogenic, I fear, but she is very cute and mischievous. Today she broke into the linen closet. I did not stop this from happening and instead took pictures.


One of these things does not belong.


She knows I'm not going to make her leave - she knows just how cute she is.


Sometimes it looks like there might be a thought flitting in her mind.


What fine whiskers you have, Layla!


25 thoughts on “February 19th pictures: Layla

  1. I beg to differ . . . she is at least as much, and in my opinion more, photogenic.

    Of course, having shared my life with Calicos I might be a tad biased. The second pictures gets my vote, although they all seem to do her justice.

    • I’m a shameless Rio partisan, but it could simply be that she has ten years’ seniority on Layla and we’ve been talking the “Rio is the most beautiful cat in the whole wide world!” line for a while. I still think she’s the really lovely cat while Layla is more on the cute side. That said I think they’re both fine-looking cats.

      It occurs to me now that, literally speaking, Layla is more photogenic in that she probably inspires more pictures, but that’s because she’s a little livelier and always doing something goofy.

    • I read this six times and decided that you, yourself, must have accidentally gotten pregnant with kittens somehow. However, if this is not the case, do not correct me. I am enjoying the mental image far too much.

    • Thanks! And whoooa! That’s a lot of cats. 🙂 I love me some cats and have taken in a couple strays (two on two separate occasions) but that might be me someday with my own little menagerie.

  2. While I normally find myself enjoying your snippets and focal points on nature, you sure can take a good photo of a cat’s face.

    And that’s very commendable.

    • Nooo, she only pees on things that are left lying in heaps, it seems like. And things that aren’t already covered with her own shed hair. The linen closet has always been a safe place.

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