Today’s obligatory sunset and sky pictures

The skies cleared a little so that we actually got some blue sky late afternoon. Then we had some real Simpsons clouds going on. You know, the ones in the opening credits.





I like this one, in spite of the intrusion of the ever-present power lines and the back of the stop sign.

I went outside three separate times to get pictures of the sunset, but none of them really turned out. Oddly, I really enjoyed the pictures I got in the living room at the same time. Something about the objects shrouded in darkness and the glow in the windows — particularly the dirty spots on the window; I don’t think it would look so interesting if they’d had a good scrubbing recently — really work for me.



Exuberant Guy, the drawing mannequin, gazes outside in anticipation of the next adventure.





15 thoughts on “Today’s obligatory sunset and sky pictures

  1. I love sunset and I even have written a novel about it. But, when I see your photos, I think I interested to your living room more than your photos of sunset. Why? Because of the globes! How can you have many globes there? It looks classic ;D

    • Thanks so much for stopping by! Those are actually just some of my mom’s extensive collection of globes (she estimates offhand that she has 53 which range from keychain size to about 16 inches in diameter).

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