February 23rd pictures: [ice-related pun here]

Choosing subjects for my 365 project hasn’t been terribly difficult lately. Sometimes I head outside with a specific plan — “go see if the stream has thawed, take sublime pictures” for instance — but about half of the time I get waylaid before I get to my destination. Or the subject in question isn’t so interesting today and something else catches my eye. I like that, though, it’s nice to get some interesting pictures by happenstance.

Today was one such day where I was going to walk back down to the river and hang out on the sandbar, because I love it so. But I went out the front door instead of the back, which proved to be fateful because I just started taking pictures of ice formations on the sidewalk and driveway and ended up never leaving the yard.

Finally I wound my way to the ditch alongside of the yard, which is filled with about six inches of water and covered with a thin layer of ice that cracked at the slightest provocation. I have found all the weeds, even in their frozen, decomposing forms, endlessly fascinating, and all the more so when they’re seen poking through the ice.


Thing I see in this ice formation: the Falls of Saint Anthony! OK, it doesn't have to be that one in particular, but a waterfall, at any rate.


I took a picture of a very similar ice formation a few weeks ago, but that was on the river and this is in the driveway.


Another driveway pick, a chunk of lichen-covered bark from the crabapple tree.


And here's what I see in this particular formation: a vampire. The two sharp, folded-over lobes of the maple leaf are the vampire's arms. He's sleeping because it's daylight. Duh.


Cool pattern in the ice spilling over from the driveway to the lawn. I was so interested to learn from a recent commenter, David, that the deep beer color ("amber" is the more poetic word he used) is due to humic and fulvic acids in our soils. These acids are released by decaying organic matter.




Water droplets on plants always feels a little stock photo-y, but I don't think that makes them any less lovely in reality.


The little bubbles under the bow makes this picture for me.







I think this might be my favorite picture from the day.

22 thoughts on “February 23rd pictures: [ice-related pun here]

  1. I love the last one as well. I am rather partial to the subject matter! In Southern California, we do not have ice very often, so it is a treat to see your work!

    • I like being able to visually export some wintery goodness to the warmer climates of the world! Conversely, I love seeing some of the growth that’s going on in your part of the world. 🙂

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