February 24th pictures: Staying inside on a cold day

It’s vicious outside. One minute I look up — like now — and see that it’s snowing teeny little flakes straight horizontal because it’s that windy out. Five minutes ago it was sunny. It’s been going back and forth like that for hours. I looked up after the first two sentences, and hey, now the flakes are twice the size they were before and seem to be blowing in a whirlwind. The wind chime outside the front door is tinkling somethin’ fierce. Figure today out.

So I don’t really feel like going outside. I guess this is the weather we were supposed to get yesterday.

Sometimes I just want to take pictures inside, anyway. My mom’s a collector of funky things, and seasonal décor is gradually being rolled out all the time here. There’s a great deal, a hel del, of still lifes waiting to happen. All of these pictures kind of look like the transition between spring and winter to me, although it could just be the benefit of me knowing what the whether is like on the day they were taken.


Our Lady of the Kitchen.


Shoot at this angle and become instantly bow-legged.


My head is effectively kaput in this picture.


So is Rio's.


Easter lights.


Those Valentine's carnations. I kind of like flowers past their prime, if you haven't noticed.


Coffee, the drug of choice. The mug in the background says "Elixir of Life" but it is now unfortunately cracked.


Doily on cake plate, underlit by the Spirit of Spring. I mean Easter lights.


I bought this cactus a couple of years ago at my university's biology club plant sale, and I wasn't even sure if it was alive then. It can be hard to tell some with cacti, especially when they seem more spine than stem...




Merry Christmas with three leftover Balsam fir needles.


Cracker Jacks postcard.


Camping postcard with birches in front of cabinet with glass collection.


The egg-shaped covering of our LED lights.


The living room, magnified but obscured.

It stopped snowing again. Who’s surprised? Not me.
Edit: But now it’s snowing again, two minutes later. Big flakes.


24 thoughts on “February 24th pictures: Staying inside on a cold day

  1. I still have not heard back as to why the “like” function does not function for me, so I have to leave messages . . . unless you can turn on the star rating system, then I can just rate the post that way . . .

    Anyway . . . nice . . . and the legend of the headless photographer continues to grow.

    • I might just have to start implementing stars, although I kind of wish I could do a Michelin-scale instead. No reason, just finicky. I also sort of like the headless legend so that may have to continue for some time.

      • Actually, it worked from work, so there’s something on both my browsers at home that keep it from working. I will compare settings, but I thought they were the same.

        I am contemplating doing away with the “like” and just having the stars and comments (no user associated with the stars – just a rating). We’ll see how stuff pans out.

  2. You amaze me with the little details you pull out of every day objects. Love the doily and the 2nd from the last — lighted ball, or whatever it is. Great textures. The headless shot made me laugh. It’s what I get whenever my kids take pictures of me.

    • Thank you, Shannon! I realize I’m doing pretty much the exact same thing with my indoor shots as well as my outdoor shots, but what can I say, I’m a sucker for the details. 🙂 And including clear shots of my actual head in too many photos is just too big of a hassle because then my ego starts to get involved!

  3. not quite sure if it is the Elixir of Life that is cracked, or the mug?

    my vote goes to the 2nd to last photo (gold textured ball)
    although the “past their prime” flower photo runs a tight race for 1st

    • Thank you! I like the flower pictures too, especially since they have now gone to the great trash can in the sky and will not be photographed looking any more past their prime.

  4. I get the feeling your house looks something like the house my late grandparents lived in. Old and full of antiques or antiquey like things – that’s not a bad thing in case it comes across ambiguously in writing! Great photos and, as always it seems, a keen eye for beauty.

    • That one’s actually this plastic covering in the shape of an Easter egg over a Christmas light. (Although I guess it’s an Easter light.) Thank you!

    • Thank you! The globe says “Replogle Land and Sea True to Life Globe” and I don’t really know anything beyond that, except that it seems to be in great shape and it has that cool celestial dial on top.

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