February 25th pictures: Maggie is capital

Didn’t have much time to take pictures today, in part because I was visiting this little lady:


Then I totally forgot how to navigate the cities where I lived for three years and accidentally visited the state capitol.



10 thoughts on “February 25th pictures: Maggie is capital

  1. By chance is her name Maggie….I had a Maggie too…only she was canine in blood and such a pretty girl:) Love this wonderful cute playful shot of a sweet kitty….hard to capture a good shot of our animals as they move too quickly:) Cute:)

  2. Nice cat, our cat has nearly the same look, a real tiger :D, thats why we called him Hobbes…

    nice picture, it’s not easy to take a good cat picture, they’re to curious, so the moment you come along with the lens they’re interested in the lens and not in lying around 😀

    • Thank you! Your cat sounds very nice too. Yeah, Maggie is especially squirrely so it’s hard to get a good picture of her. This is one of the only pictures out of about twenty or thirty that afternoon where she was kind of clear.

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