February 26th pictures: St. Paul and/or Minneapolis

Pictures from the day in St. Paul. I came up to have an Oscar party with my friend Krista, but the Oscars are stupid so we’re watching trying to watch all of Downton Abbey instead.


Lantern at Mill City Café


Krista's breakfast -- Ecuadorian eggs and black beans and such


The pretty salsa with Krista's breakfast


My delicious pancakes were hiding wild rice, nuts, and fruit inside




Mill City's glitzy chairs and some of the clientele


The Minneapolis skyline


Cottonwood buds


A rock on the edge of someone's yard


Probably some kind of campion, as pointed out by a helpful reader!


Winged euonymus, I think


There were many little what I guess were Japanese-inspired decorative touches on the edge of the yard where I shot the rock picture above. Before this rock, they had several other large rocks stacked on top of larger boulders with other items balanced on those.



Salt patterns, Krista's boots


Wooden Jesus statue at one of the many nearby churches


Some kind of juniper, a ground cover, with the feet of the wooden Jesus statue in the background


Some kind of crabapple, I think




Grapevine 2


Tree fungus


This looks like some weird paint/frost hybrid


Squirrel sign in St. Anthony Park



Fun little terraced courtyard with brightly-painted accents in St. Anthony Park. A bunch of little businesses are located at this spot.


The lovely library


Library windows. I think a plaque in the front of the library said that the building was on the National Register of Historic Places. I always admired it when I was going through this neighborhood, but I've still never been inside (and in fact, only visited a non-university library one time when I lived in the Twin Cities...shame).


Wooden sculpture at the library spreading its pro-reading propaganda -- the boy is holding a copy of Tom Sawyer. Some jerk wrote "LOL" on the statue's chest.


Oak tree


Birch bark


Building on Luther Seminary campus. The cross is apparently inspired by what was said to be the first Christian cross found in Norway, back in the 11th century.


Closeup of a huge gall on one of the trees on the Luther campus


I think this is Luther's library


View of someone's back garden through an alley


Juniper berries. Time to make gin!


Also uncertain about these -- maybe thistle?


30 thoughts on “February 26th pictures: St. Paul and/or Minneapolis

  1. I love that you know, or at least guess, at the name of the plants you photograph! I’m sort of the same way, I try to figure out what family something is in, but I am no where close to your level of identification skills!
    I love the tree fungus, and the birch bark, and the last one – something related to artichoke?

    • Thanks! I feel mildly guilty if I don’t at least make a stab at it (not exactly a logical reaction) — the horticulture student in me insisting that I know this family, it’s just on the tip of my tongue and I just need to peruse a few different keys and several pages of Google image searches to confirm. Kudos to you for making an effort as well!

      As for the last one, my guess is it’s some kind of thistle (I didn’t realize artichokes were thistle, too — very interesting).

  2. I only passed through last time on the train, but when next I find myself in the twin cities area, I will definitely be eating breakfast at Mill City Café! Dag I’m hungry now!

    • I am not/haven’t, but it’s a thought! Right now my pictures are becoming more like a serious hobby and I’m contemplating if, in a few years, I might want to do more with them than that. Who knows!

    • Thank you very much! I tend to think any tree against a monochrome sky like that makes a pretty nice picture, especially when they’ve got as interesting shapes as those two did.

  3. love the oak tree, birch bark, heather, little window, gall, tree fungus, salsa, the frost, and I think today’s vote for best photo has to go to the courtyard shot … love them all, as usual

  4. Ooh, more pretties! Love it!

    The cylindrical seed pod with the ten little teeth around the top edge is probably a type of Campion.


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