February 28th pictures: Alright, winter, we get it.

The weather gods were right!

Light, fluffy flakes have been falling on and off this morning, but while I was down by the river it warmed up and the snow turned into very light sleet. I could hear flakes hitting the ground. It reminded me of that episode of the Simpsons where Springfield Elementary adopts uniforms and the kids turn into a highly synchronized unit of automatons who even blink in unison — yes, the flakes sounded a little bit like those blinks.

Or maybe they didn’t.


1. There's always room in my pictures for some echinacea.


2. There's also always room for goldenrod, the more gracefully bowed, the better.


3. The view of the hillside on the way down to the ravine.


4. At the bottom of the ravine, the passage is somewhat blocked by fallen trees.


5. So many of the trees down in the woods are festooned with these vines. I saw one of these the other day that had some new growth sprouting from this much older section, and the new growth looked kind of like Virginia creeper -- which was something of a surprise to me because I wouldn't have guessed that that's what this thickened, somewhat grizzled stuff might be.


6. Same vine as the above.


7. Sprawling twiggy stuff is the name of the game in this set of photos.




9. There's always room in my photos for delicate little tendrils.


10. This is part of the ring of cottonwoods that is such a nice landmark in our woods. I also wanted a picture with some snowflakes present, so...this is it.


11. I love exposed, fine roots.


12. This picture is taken from the edge of our campsite, which overlooks the sandbar.


13. One of the many fallen trees at the river's edge.








17. I love the texture of these leaves. I have no idea what they are, but they remind me of a tongue or something, with little white taste buds on the dark of the leaf.


18. They look like neurons.


19. A view of fallen trees framed by...more fallen trees.


20. Somewhere in all this whiteness the riverbank ends and the river begins. WILL THE ICE HOLD?






23. These shepherd's hook-like branches on one of the fallen trees have caught my eye for a few weeks now, but I haven't scrambled my way down to this particular tree until now.




25. Finally, the answer to the question I posed a few pictures back: the ice held, and I made it to the sandbar to take this picture. I like how the rocks look poking out of the snow.




27. This patch on the river has been free of ice for some time.










32. I wish I could get closer to the darker tree on the right side of this picture -- I love its shape. But it's a little tricky navigating the riverbank in that direction and the ice seems less certain -- and covers deeper water -- in that direction. Not a winning combination.




34. The sittin' log on the sandbar.


35. I've taken many a picture of lichen on this log in the last few weeks.




37. A fault in the ice.






25 thoughts on “February 28th pictures: Alright, winter, we get it.

  1. each day the first photo always transports me out of Sydney, by picture 5 or 6 i’m lost in the woods, and by the end i’m so relaxed you could pour me into a bowl. therapeutic as always. thanks sarah.

    • Thank you so much, Mike! I love to think that my pictures are a little window into a place that’s a polar opposite to what my readers are used to — of course the same goes for me with your guys’ pictures, as well.

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  3. I notice in some pictures the snow is brighter and in some it’s almost yellowish (I’m imagining it’s not due to animal “activity” in the area!) – do you record anywhere the details (tech specs, so to speak) of the pictures you take? It would probably make an interesting blog of its own (or a fascinating tech/educational post) to read a bit about how some of these truly magical and magnificent pictures come to life. Do you take numerous pictures with varying settings per each final product, adjusting and fine tuning each aspect along the way? I imagine you must – no one can be so lucky to get such absolutely perfect shots time after time without much effort involved.

    • Thank you so much for the comment, Steve! I haven’t really left any notes about how I process my images although it might be a good idea for me to leave a general post at some point in case anyone’s ever interested. Since I just have a point and shoot, I don’t have a lot of control over my settings (can’t set aperture size, shutter speed, anything really except in one or two loophole situations that don’t apply for most of the pictures I take). And so the only multiples I take are to ensure I get non-shaky shots of the pictures I really care about. 🙂 I do end up taking a huge number of pictures on all of my outings lately but end up deleting over half of them or more, usually.

      As for editing – I usually up the contrast in my photos later on and tip the lighting more towards the warm end of the scale, which I ended up doing big-time with these photos. For whatever reason, even though it was a thickly overcast day, there did seem to be a somewhat yellowish cast on things. But it didn’t really come across in my SOOC images, so when I was editing them later, I loved the atmosphere the increase in warmness added and I started to exaggerate it. Hence the pictures you see here and the snow that potentially looks like it’s seen some animal “activity.” 🙂

  4. Oh my! 8 was stunning… could hardly keep scrolling, looking at that, absorbing the shapes, texture, colors. All the snowy, icy, water’s edge pictures touch me… I just love the way they look. Thanks so much for sharing!!!

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