Rainy afternoon in February

Just one more batch today.


Some of the tiniest members of my mom's globe collection with the rainy day and the row of pines beyond


Rain droplets on the Norway maple


The living room windows looking out on the Norway maple


The obligatory "beads of rain on the window" shot


The window of the shed


The roof of the shed


The lens got wet, oops. From the driveway.


What is with the mysterious hazy strip down the middle of this picture? Anyway, I liked the semi-frozen drips of water on the tree next to the garage.


I wish I could have gotten a less busy picture, but I do love the preponderance of water droplets across the whole tree so I'm sharing it.


Ohh, this one looks so sad. The crabapple tree and front gardens out the window of the front door.


21 thoughts on “Rainy afternoon in February

  1. Loved these shots… I think if I’m going to keep looking at your photography I’m going to have to record “Loved these shots” or something… LOL The shot out the window of the front door did have an interesting ‘mood’ to it and the ‘oops’ shot, I thought that was visually interesting, made me feel as if I were right there, perhaps looking out through a window. 🙂

    • Like the internet’s version of a rubber stamp? 🙂 I’m glad you’re enjoying my photos and thanks so much for your comments on those shots!

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