A change in the weather

What a day it turned out to be. I had no real ideas when I headed out today to take some pictures — it had started snowing lightly late in the morning and I thought maybe I’d try to get some shots of the snow swirling. It stopped quickly so I just started wandering around the lawn, taking pictures of the melting slabs of ice and the gardens. I noticed some mini streams running through the yard and I began to follow them, taking pictures along the way.


A present from one of our neighbors' many dogs.


The Norway maple


I just love how the grass looks under the ice.


More embedded objects -- I thought the leaf looked particularly interesting


Day lily foliage


Sedum against one of the lovely rocks lining the garden.


Water droplets on coral bell


This is a strip of bark from one of the pines


The day lily foliage is plentiful


I know I took a billion water droplet pictures yesterday, but...who cares. And I'm always kind of struck by the day lily foliage and how nice and graceful it looks swept over the contours of the garden. I think it looks a lot more interesting than it does when the plant is in full bloom, in truth.


Coral bell leaves between the spokes of a wagon wheel


The steps leading down to the ravine have flooded!


Foam building at the bottom of the steps down to the ravine


This is a good place to leave this post -- looking out from the little stream spilling from the bottom of the garden steps out into the woods, where I spent a couple frigid hours taking pictures of all the changes that have taken place in the last few hours.

In bloggish news, I’m trying out a new theme with bigger widths so that I can post bigger versions of my pictures (although the pictures in this post are probably a little too big). We’ll see how it goes.


24 thoughts on “A change in the weather

  1. Oh, I loved all of these, particularly the ones that depicted the water droplets and the last one. I would never have guessed, without reading, that these were shots in your backyard, looked more like deep in the woods along a stream or brook. 🙂

    • And luckily enough, we’re right on the edge of some woods that are great for exploring. Although our yard is rife with photo opportunities, I think. Thank you! 🙂

  2. Absolutely stunning photographs! My absolute favorite is the present from your neighbor’s dog… you made an old ratty tennis ball look like a beautiful work of art and that in itself is a great accomplishment. Beautiful photographs and great post! 🙂

    • Thank you, Polly! I don’t know why but I found that dumb, filthy little tennis ball so appealing…maybe just because of the color. Glad you enjoyed the post!

    • Thank you so much! And I don’t mind at all — I make the side-by-sides in Picasa using the collage feature. Not super fancy but pretty easy (that’s why I like it). You can pre-set how big you want the collage to be so I just set it for the width of two (2×3) vertical photos side by side, and it basically just lets you drag and drop any two photos alongside each other, and create a margin of any width if you want it.

  3. Wow these are great pictures Sarah! I love the water dripping and how close you get to your subjects. I also think the new theme is spectacular as it really shows off your photography. Wow!!!! It also is amazing how different our weather was today. We got so much wet drippy snow!

    • Thank you, so glad you like them and I think I’m liking the new theme too… We started getting a little bit of snow today too, and I thought it might turn into something, but it gave up pretty quickly. Hope you guys don’t get too overwhelmed!

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  5. Sarah – the first photo – is outstanding – a winner! Super job you did here. I love the ball – in contrast to the nice reflections in the water.

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