March 1st pictures: just me

I felt like some self portraits today. I don’t take very good pictures of people, myself included. Most of the time I’m just not so interested in getting shots of people. But since this is a project not only to improve my (primarily nature-based) picture-taking but also to simply document the events, interests, and minutiae of my life, it makes sense that I should be in front of the camera sometimes, instead of just behind it, subtly implying that you should give as much of a damn about lichen as I do. I think it’s fair to say that I — my physical person! — am a somewhat important figure in my own life.

These pictures (the first one from a few days ago, the last four all from today) show me doing some of the things I do best: staring impassively, lying in repose,ย harassingย cats. It was exciting when I could do more than one of these things at the same time.


If you've seen some of my other self portraits, you may be surprised to learn that I do have a head.


Rio says: "You'll be shocked to know I don't like this." / I sit in front of the window. The blue streak in front of my face? I don't know, a ghost? We have rather a lot of those, seems.


I really do like to lie in repose. See? / More strong emoting. Bonus: I sprout a faint, single blue whisker on each cheek.


49 thoughts on “March 1st pictures: just me

  1. I like the top self-portait the best. It makes me want to lie down on the carpet myself. You are darlingly cute!

    • Thanks! I have a tendency to flop down on the floor like a fish on occasion…maybe it’s my horrendous posture, feels nice to finally straighten out a bit.

      Wow, these pictures are capturing even more of me than I ever knew.

  2. I like the top photo a lot, but I think I like the one below it on the right the best. The light hitting the lens and causing that flare (or the ghost hanging around you) was maybe unplanned and a little unfortunate, but I think it actually adds an element of atmosphere to the photo. I can almost feel the warmth of the sunlight. Very nice.

    • Thank you, Rick! I do like the weird streaks of light which popped up in the other pictures I took this afternoon. (A little surprised they showed up because it isn’t even all that bright today and we’ve had little sunshine.) I do agree that they can contribute to the mood.

  3. Too much smiling and cheerfulness . . . you should be more serious in your self-portraits .

    All-in-all I’m ambivalent about these. One, it messes up my joke about being ahead a head, and two, they are not consistent with your other work.

    They should have been a close-up of an earlobe, perhaps a tight zoom on the necklace, or maybe a side view of a nostril or lip.

    I don’t know . . . I suppose they are OK . . . and yes, the first is more OK than the others.

    • I know. I am forever being told how bubbly and emotive I am, and I think that countenance really carried through in these photos..

      Sorry to ruin your joke, though I have a feeling the headless photographer might pop up again. I don’t know about those isolated crops, though….Sounds a little Jack the Ripper. I don’t hate the idea, though.

      • Well, shoot . . . I didn’t mean “chop those bits off and photograph them”! I meant photograph them in place.

        . . . and I did not know Jack the Ripper was into photography. I learn something new every day.

        • Now now, I just mean it evokes that Ripper sensibility. ๐Ÿ™‚

          But you’re right — that’s what I do with all my other subjects, so why not me….

            • Of course, it’s too late now . . .

              . . . but picture this . . .

              Start with the avatar, the eye . . . add one or two photos each week . . . an earlobe (apparently one of the readers is into earlobes), half a nose, part of a cheek . . . eventually you could have mosaic-ed them into a complete portrait!

              How neat would that have been?!? . . . of course, too late now . . .

              • I thought you were rude, and then I looked at your site. Now I understand and agree. Sarah, disperser is wrong when he says it’s too late! I will be looking to see what you do with this challenge! I just love your close-up detail!

  4. I think they’re wonderful! I most like the lower left image of you looking up at camera. As for not being like your other pictures, the purpose of this project is to improve as a photographer. To grow you have to step outside your comfort zone. Love your blue eyes!

    • Yes — I’d definitely like to expand my subjects and gain some confidence in new areas. Thank you so much, Joanne! Glad you liked the pictures.

  5. Number one, number one, number one! Natural, casual, comfortable, usual, and still slightly provocative.

    Although # 3 is extremely intriguing and gentle and soft. I love the eyes (in # 3 and # 4), and adore the button necklace.

    I’m surprised because I thought you were much older. Maybe it’s just your photographic eye that lends itself to maturity.

    p.s. I have to kind of agree with disperser. Wouldn’t have minded a macro shot of your ear lobe, or your eyebrow.

    • Thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚ I like #1 the best too probably because it seems truest to my character. And let the record show the earlobe macros have been requested twice now. Also, I’m not sure what kind of photographic eye I might have but I’m encouraged that you thought it was a little more mature anyway. I sometimes joke that I have the disposition of a crotchety old man and wondered if/how that might come cross in this blog…

  6. Courageous to make a series of photos with self-portraits like these! Creative and fine photography. The first is my favorite too ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. #4 is just lovely. Every year I put my kids on the floor like that, only it’s more zany (with kids). And just plain fun. I’m delighted to see a face for the eye-vatar!

  8. Sarah, I’m a big fan. love your colors, but the textures are mind blowing! thank you so much. I really enjoy your work.

  9. Great self-portraits Sarah! Love the top photo the best I think. Possibly because it depicts reflective thinking. Your photography seems to convey that nature in you a bit. Thanks for sharing!

  10. The portrait where you are holding a cat reminds me of Tapestry by Carole King! Very nice! You have beautiful eyes!

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