Just some more woodsy pictures.

Because I can’t stop.


1. I like these little fruits; they remind me of metallic dragées. Edit: natureintoaction below tells me that this is a wild leek. Thanks!



(2) Briar and (3) I found the light pink color of this stem very appealing.



4. Hey, a little mosslet! (Mosslet: not really a legit word.)



(5) Moss on ledge of stump and (6) Cottonwood leaves, petioles, and buds



(7) Lichen on side of hackberry ridge and (8) Inside a bark splitting in hackberry. There were four or five hackberries in this little clearing, and they were all bent backwards and split almost in half from a point up high on their trunks, and all of their trunks were split in this fashion.



9. Moss sporophytes!



(10) I think this is wood nettle, and my guess is this flared-out end is part of its rhizomes and maybe some little roots hidden in there, too, but it looks mostly stemmy, and (11) more lichen (naturally)



12. A herd of ice chunks in the stretch of river just in front of our campsite.



13. A newly-refrozen section of stream.



14. One of the many frozen clumps of leaves partially embedded in the stream.



(15) and (16) I'm pretty sure these little twigs used to bear samaras (a type of dry fruit as in maples and ashes -- also popularly called helicopters)



17 and 18



19 and 20



21 and 22


40 thoughts on “Just some more woodsy pictures.

    • Thanks! I can only imagine how different it is. I’m so happy you enjoy pictures of another environment here on my blog — thank you!

  1. nothing you do with a camera is “just” anything
    your eye somehow finds all the good stuff,
    and then makes it accessible to all of us.
    Gracias. Merci. Danke. Thank you.

    Today’s vote, without a doubt, is # 4 (mosslets)
    (maybe I’m becoming obsessed with the color green?)

    the honorable mentions include # 2 (briar with curls),
    # 19 (trees reflected), and runner up is # 20 (ice bubbles)

    • Thank you very much! Glad you’re enjoying them.

      And you’re so right about the wild leeks. Thanks for the tips! I’ll be on the lookout for those in the future.

  2. Hi, Sarah, Thanks for letting me know that you liked my new post. I followed you back, and I find your vertical #29 esquisite, and looking forward to more! -Gary

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