March 2nd pictures: spring on the move

We seem to have gotten some more snow. I don’t remember being informed, but here we are. It was just a light dusting, though, and the sun is shining faintly through an otherwise overcast sky this morning. It’s not too bad out today (34Β°F right now), with very faint breezes. I’m slowly gathering evidence that spring may be on the way (pictures below). Also included are pictures of a farcical happening with Rio as I tried to get her into the spirit of spring. I’ve also posted a brief recap of all of my February pictures after that.

Let’s start with the obvious one.


My mom collects blocks.


Pine needles, you won't be encrusted in ice for long, I'm sure.


Blades o' grass and vinca leaves.


Maple flower buds


Detail of terminal bud scale scars on the same maple branch bearing the buds in the above picture


I anthropomorphize everything. I don't know why, maybe I'm fundamentally child-like, but I can't not do that with this picture -- the pine is clearly creeping up behind the electric pole with one sneaky branch outstretched, ready to poke the living hell out of the pole. (This must be one little branch the tree guys missed a month or two back, when they were denuding our trees to clear the way for the power lines.)


Sunshine through pine and through maple.


From the "My mom's creepy elf dolls" series, this guy and the two below just recently made their entrance on the spring dΓ©cor scene.


I learned my stare from the doll on the left, and have you ever seen a more suspicious gaze than the doll on the right's?


Little Easter egg ornaments.


Two springy Pez dispensers and my quilt -- which I'm pretty sure is meant to be a child's quit -- that I love very much.

Rio’s coronation: a tragedy in…I’m not sure how many acts:


In case you can’t tell, the pink blur is Rio’s tongue as she snaps hungrily down on the dried flowers.


Exuberant Guy, the drawing mannequin, skips about the cutest little toadstools ever.


The surest sign of spring I know, it is foretold in tale and rhyme alongside the lengthening daylight and the robin's return. Welcome back, Honey Weiss.


And now, my arbitrarily-chosen daily pictures for the month of February:

February collage

So, February. The month that was. The vast majority of these pictures were taken within a half-hour’s walk of my home, although there were also some at Seven Mile Creek Park, a railroad trestle on the Red Jacket Trail, and another few taken around the Twin Cities. In February I visited a horrifically cold lake, a few dirt roads, a country cemetery, and my own backyard many, many times, with “my backyard” extended to mean the woods and the river behind our house. Three cats were shot as well. (WHY WOULD ANYONE SHOOT CATS?)


13 thoughts on “March 2nd pictures: spring on the move

    • They’re fun, aren’t they. (More fun than the candy, I think, which was disgusting!) I never really had a collection but I love that Rabbit Pez in this picture.

  1. Spring obviously never arrives soon enough. I like your playful (hope you don’t mind) approach to photography and telling the story at the same time. Nice series of photographs.

    • Thank you, that is so kind! I’m so glad you enjoy my blog and am very flattered that you chose it for this award. Thanks again! πŸ™‚

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