March 3rd pictures: To Iowa!

Today I have some rural-tastic pictures for you, taken on a quick zip down to Iowa. Ah, the land of corn. I feel like I may be one of about half a dozen people who genuinely loves this landscape with the repetition, the flatness, the blink-and-miss-it towns with collapsing barns and rusted farm equipment. Though I hasten to add I prefer to be on the Minnesota side of that landscape. Oh, and the land is also not level-flat. Pretty flat, but not that flat.

The clouds were pretty rad today.

I should also note that about more than half of these were actually taken in Minnesota, but southern MN and northern IA are pretty much the same place anyway.


(1) Good Thunder? Best Thunder! (2) John Deere! (3) Wind turbines in Iowa!






















14. Closed-down restaurant in southern MN






(17) (18) and (19)




18 thoughts on “March 3rd pictures: To Iowa!

    • Thanks for dropping by — I love to see other people’s pictures of landscapes myself. The area where I live actually has many rivers which have carved out beautiful valleys with a lot of vegetation around the water, but the area where these pictures were taken is quite flat and indistinct. It has its own strange charms, I think.

    • I like it too. And I suspect that large swaths of the Midwest are largely indistinguishable from one another — and I say that as someone who loves it with the passion of a thousand suns.

  1. Greetings from a fellow half-dozener 😉 I love these desolate landscapes. My favorite part of riding the train cross country is passing through all these no-man’s-lands. Everyone I know thinks I’m nuts, but the emptier the better, I say! Just don’t ask me to explain what I like about these quasi-industrial areas, or any other desolate areas. I don’t know why I like them, I just do. Thanks for the photos!

    • Wow, so there’s only four more of us. 😀 I think passing through these landscapes on a train founds fantastic. I’d love to go someplace like, I don’t know, Nebraska, where’s there’s even more genuine prairie and flatness let. Maybe it’s the unobstructed horizons. As for the industrial stuff, I don’t know what it is either but there something appealing there. I think it’s at least partially the history of those areas.

      Thanks for the comment — I’m glad you’re another fan of desolation!

      • Have you visited North Dakota? Or Montana, Nevada or Utah? They have some seriously desolate places! The impression I got was that God got to these parts last, was tired, and basically left them blank! [And no, I’m not really a creationist sort of guy, but I like the imagery of a bored God getting exhausted and taking some shortcuts;-)) ] Anyway, if you haven’t already, take a train trip, or a road trip, at least to North Dakota – not too far from you, for some REAL desolation 🙂

    • They’re really appealing, aren’t they? I wish we had more of them here, but there’s very few in my area (which seems a little unfortunate as we seem to have absurd amounts of wind). We have a lot more in the southernmost and flattest parts of the state.

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