March 4th pictures: light March snowfall

Not long ago, the sun was shining brightly and at the same time it was snowing. Because in the veritable clash of the titans that is the changing of the seasons, all bets are off. Here are some pictures from early this afternoon, before the sun came out. More to come later.

Almost all of my posts are about the weather.


1. Snowfall at the trees on the edge of our yard. The three biggest, darkest trees in the forefront have such pretty shapes, I think. (Because there are about 500 trees in this picture, it may not be totally clear which ones I mean, but maybe you can kind of tell. They're somewhat evenly spaced.) I could take endless pictures of them. Wait, I sort of already do.


2. The deck rail and new snow.


3. The main part of the back garden with the little patio and trellis over the path that goes down into the woods.


4. Curly dock. I didn't even realize we had curly dock in our yard until I was going through my pictures after the fact -- at the time, I just said "Hey, little stems and fruits covered in snow. Pret-ty."


5. Bee balm


6. Globe allium


7. Goldenrod


8. White oak leaf

In the garden

9. Detail of garden ornament and some trees through the trellis.


10. Goldenrod


11. Bark with lenticels




(13) Just some snow piling on a stem and (14) a view of the treeline at the side of the yard from the back garden


15. Goldenrod


16. The sideyard's trees with goldenrod in the foreground


(17) The path down into the woods and (18) some of the small burs that stick to my coat with infuriating persistence.


18. Goldenrod folliage. I like the contrast of it against this stump.


19. Goldenrod


20. I think this is little bluestem.


21. Little bluestem


22. Echinacea with path into woods in background


23. Fallen tree -- which we call Leafless -- and echinacea on the hillside.


24. A detail of Leafless, the fallen tree.






27. Foxtail grass, possibly.


28. Young leaves of eastern redcedar.


29. Fertile frond of ostrich fern.


30. Ostrich fern foliage.


31. This is what in the horticultural world is known as a tree. (I'm not sure what kind of tree this is, can you tell. I do like the orangeish tinge of the bark, though, and its pattern.)


(32) A detail of the wood the large fallen tree in our yard and (33) more snow piling on more plants


34. Crisscrossing branches with the lane down to one of our campsites in the background


12 thoughts on “March 4th pictures: light March snowfall

  1. We got 20cm of the powdery crap on Friday but it was 5°C yesterday, with rain and 8°C today, so it’s all gone, right down to bare grass. No day below 0°C forecast for the next 7 days so that might well be the last of the stuff.

    • I don’t think we’ve gotten a snowfall that big in our area more than a time or two this winter — so unbelievably different from years past. We’re supposed to be getting some really warm weather here too, soon, to turn it around. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. So . . . who was laying down bets, and why are they now off? Most important, who was giving odds, and what kind?

    #23, the fallen tree

    #32 with the lightning imprint.

    . . . and . . . you call that snow? Pffft!

    • The bet is the bet I constantly make with myself over whether spring or winter is getting the upper hand — and whether they are even discrete entities these days. My prize for winning and the punishment for losing are the same: posting a gazillion pictures every day.

      Hey now, I did qualify it by saying it was light snow! I know real snow too, even if it ain’t big mountain snow.

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  4. I’m seeing things today!

    In #3 there’s a giant flying menacing looking owl/fly/hummingbird/wasp thing at left just flying into the picture.
    In #26 there are tiny upside down rabbit-mice praying en route to their monastery.
    In #29, a bony, skeletal hand begs for release from the ice.
    #30 is Caesar’s crown.
    and #32 almost looks like the Boogey Man from Nightmare before Christmas…

    Yes, my eyes are crazy tonight! Thanks for the show 🙂

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