371 pictures later, pt. 2

Continued from this post earlier, these pictures were taken in the yard at large and on and near the lane that runs between the two large ravines behind our backyard.


1. Traces of ice remain on the slope of the lawn near the shop, where it is typically shady. In weeks past it has, of course, been covered with snow, so the icy danger remains hidden. You must choose your route down into the ravine carefully because you don't want to slip and wake up dead.


2. The view down the lane with the raspberry canes a-glowin' purple/red. I think these are either black raspberries or a hybrid of red and black berries.


3. The north side of the yard, facing west. Two pines have bitten it in recent years. You may notice a very small post for horseshoes in the middle of the picture. Unfortunately we don't plays horsehoes.


4. Raspberries


5. Leaves on the ground by the raspberry patch.


6. Glowin' to beat the band, they were.


7. I cannot emphasize enough how bright they were.


8. I've been remiss in posting lichen pictures in the last day or two.


9. Shelf fungus, underside.


10. A shelf fungus, or a lab-grown ear?


10. Puddles and ditches are about neck-in-neck for favorite sources of pictures these days.


11. Detail of buckthorn bark.


12. I think this may be a strip of pine bark, the underside. You can see just a little bit of bright green lichen poking out from the other side.


13. This is a path that runs along the north side of our property, overlooking the large ravine where meltwater streams this time of year.


14. Just a leaf.


15. Just a bud. I noticed these delicate little red buds already a month ago; they haven't gotten terribly bigger yet but there are a lot more of them now.


16. Buds on an older part of the tree.


17. Seed head in front of a large puddle.


18. Twigs sticking up out of that puddle.


19. Pin oak leaves in puddle.


20. Mound of grass in leaves on hillside.


21. Bed of moss between ravines.


22. 'Twas as soft as it looks.


23. Little berries I found between the ravines, here on a stump at one of our campsites.


24. Someday-firewood.


25. Someday firewood, pine edition: driven to abstraction.


11 thoughts on “371 pictures later, pt. 2

  1. If I ever “wake up dead” surrounded by such beautiful surroundings, I think I’ll consider myself fortunate! Just a leaf… Yeah right!

  2. You captured just about everything that has to do with taking a photo with this series; light, shadow, depth, texture, edges,dimension and color. Good job. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Some beautiful shots, as always. I love seeing the changing weather and seasons through your eyes. And seeing what I’m missing by sitting here in my office while you’re outside experiencing the beauty of nature. The weather and conditions are usually similar to here in Minneapolis where I am, but it’s fun to see the differences. And every post is a small botany lesson for me. Thanks for all of your great posts. I’d love to see a collection of your favorite images someday.

    • Thank you so much, Rick! So glad you’re enjoying the more countrified view and that I apparently have a little to teach along the way. 🙂 And someday I will definitely compile some favorites.

  4. OK the pictures were awesome! I love how you did different angles to capture them please keep up the good work

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