371 pictures later, pt. 3

I was so excited about the weather yesterday, I took something like 37,000 pictures. Here are a few more that I liked. This post is all about trees and leaves. You know, like 80% of this blog.

1. Meltwater reflection. I like that you can still see some icy slush underneath the puddle.

2. Looking down into the big ravine, with the little stream winding towards the river.

3. More of those pretty red buds.

4. Another large ring of trees on the hillside in front of the big ravine.

5. I keep seeing these leaves; don't know what they are, but I like that they're so black they almost look burnt.

6. There's a little patch of the woods where the trees are all growing in a kind of V-shape, and their limbs crisscross mighty prettily.

7. Because I know you want more leaves.

8. More glowing nettle.

9. Because you just can't get enough leaves, now you want one with blackened veins.

10. Growing shadows on the forest floor.

11. More glowing leaves, too.


13 thoughts on “371 pictures later, pt. 3

  1. The reflection is the best one . . . does that mean it went down hill from there? No; it means . . . uh . . . er . . . ha! . . . it means a different aesthetic criteria is called for to enhance . . . er . . . to improve . . .

    Oh, heck. The first one was the best, and that’s all I’m gonna say.

    • It’s okay, really — everyone doesn’t have to like all of the pictures. No one even has to like any of them! Although they should.

      For my money, I like the last two the best.

    • Thanks! Somehow things seem to keep getting greener and greener. I tried to get a shot of this little new leaf I saw today but it was so bright it ended up looking kind of unreal when I looked at the picture. Ah, spring.

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