March 7th pictures: Randomosity

I have quite the hodge-podge today. I went for a little walk but didn’t last more than about half an hour — it is lousy with cold and wind. First, though, I took some pictures of the gorgeous weather from inside to get revved up for a jaunt into Cold Town, USA, and then a few other household scenes.


Rain beading on my bedroom window. That is a crabapple tree out there.


Rain on the screen.


I haven't 100% been taking care of this plant. You may have gathered this by the overwhelming crappiness and the spiderweb thread thrown in for good measure. This is a picture of guilt itself.


It's like my very own monochrome Saturn right in my bedroom.


Just a cat being beautiful.


My diet has been disgusting lately. I'm trying to fix that, so yesterday I had vegetables and today I tried this thing called fruit. I was met with this kiwi's ambivalence.


A little later I noticed Layla staring out the window looking hungry and/or angry. I thought it was another cat but it turned out to be the first, second, third, and fourth robin of spring.


Once I got brave enough to face the wind, I went straight for the tennis ball. Notice the paw prints at the bottom. I thought at first this was something a little more exotic, they looked different somehow -- but I think they're just prosaic old dog prints. Probably from the same dog that left that tennis ball there.


Gasoline rainbows. Or a rainbow and some peacock feathers, to be more precise.


Some goldenrod at the edge of the field along the dirt road.


I love the color of these limbs when they're wet.


Some nice textureness.


I just like the angles.


Fulfilling my legal obligation with pictures of lichen and curly stuff.


Samaras in a fallen tree.


Samaras blowin' in the wind.

I also took these pictures in my room last night. Tried some more light painting — with the moon this time. Nice paintbrush, huh.


Moving the camera around to produce some bleary effects.


Then the moon crawled in my window (left) and ran riot (right).


14 thoughts on “March 7th pictures: Randomosity

  1. Great shots again here Sarah! The curly stuff immediately got my attention, I think it’s my favorite here! Funny to see your first picture here…have you seen mine for this day? It just made me smile: rainy day theme today? 🙂

  2. Weird . . . we got Robin infestation as well. In prior years I’ve always seen solitary birds, usually long after I hear them. An early Spring?

    I do like me them gas rainbows.

  3. Love the jiggly Moon shots. They remind me of some photographs taken by a photographer I know where he set up outdoors at night against a marble-esque white building and had some dancers prance around in front of the building in the dark. He would leave the shutter open the whole time and flash the flashbulb three or four times to get a streaky, blurred effect of the dancers against the white building. You’ve definitely got a career option here. You’ve got the eye! Your Moon looks like flame. So darned artistic!

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