March 8th pictures

Pictures from the woods and the river. It was nice today, but a little windy. Could barely feel it down in the woods, though.

1. Twist (and shout)

2. Moss sporophytes




6. A nest!

7. Ouch.


9. Little gray buds

10. I can't believe I found this little guy!





15. Wicked thistles?



18. Detail of one of the large ice chunks by the river. I thought this picture was kind of fun -- I didn't think it was oriented correctly when I opened the file, and now I can't remember which way it goes. So we're going to go with this.


20. More icy abstraction

21. Leaves in the little stream. They have a tendency to wash up in little formations like this.



24. I love the striations in the ice. They remind me of banded agates.

25. Goldenrod

26. Still more goldenrod



29. I have the annoying feeling that someone might have told me recently what the little growths on this tree were, but unfortunately I didn't immediately squirrel that comment away as I should have. Assuming it exists. Anyway, the red bulbous things are new to me.


17 thoughts on “March 8th pictures

  1. Another fine effort, with lots of candidates for best picture . . . all of which are left in the dust by the little gray monkey with the bongo, hanging from a branch.

  2. I think I might have been desperately in need of some photos today.
    Thank you especially for # 2 (moss sporophytes), so beautiful, and for
    # 15 (wicked thistles), which pretty much is like looking in the mirror today,
    but the grand prize has to go to # 10 (and not just because he’s neon green).
    Lovely, wonderful and so delicious … thank you, as always, for sharing your world.

    • Thank you so much. I’m glad you liked the little worm, he’s by far my favorite too — hope he’s not making a mistake by coming out of wherever he was hiding too early.

  3. I’ve been away for more than a week. Missed your walks in the woods. I particularly like your little green guy. They so often get missed unless they’re eating on someone’s prized vegetable. They deserve more intimate close-ups than they get! Lots of abstracts in there. Still loving your eye for nature in all forms.

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