March 9th pictures: Ice Capades for the 21st century

Pictures from today’s walk:

1. The first new leaf I've found on our coral bells! Behold it in its crinkly purple glory.

2. A crack in the seed cover of Chinese lantern. Behold the orange abyss within.

3. Brand new lamium leaves. Advice from one of my old plant ID instructors: "Don't plant this."

4. Beautiful purple leaves on the riverbank.

5. I scrambled down the bank to take pictures of ice formations at the river's edge and specifically where limbs of downed trees were embedded in the water.

6. River reflections






12. I really had to scramble through a maze of branches to get these pictures. It was a little awkward.

13. Glowing shreds of sapwood from the old tree around which I saw all these pretty nice formations.


15. No, I'm not sure whose fault it is.

16. A noodly-looking limb in the old tree.

17. Interesting cracks in caked-on mud on the old tree.



20. Brush and fallen trees on the riverbank.

21. I took this picture mostly to brag about how intrepid I am (okay, kind of). Most of my ice pictures were shot crouched under the V of the biggest limbs in these pictures, trying not to get sucked down into the almost quicksand-retentive mud.

22. Some less-intricate but still interesting patterns in the ice.


24. A root ball and landmark I've taken many a picture of of late.











32 thoughts on “March 9th pictures: Ice Capades for the 21st century

  1. I’m a sucker for ice pictures, and the geometric patterns (10, 11, and 12) appeal to my engineering personality . . . but the Lamium leaves appeal to my contrarian nature.

    • Something for everybody I hope. The little hairs on the lamium leaves are actually quite soft, less prickly, although it is a very stubborn plant!

  2. These beautiful ice pictures take my imagination to Europa or some far away frozen moon (although I doubt any of these foreign moons are half as beautiful as Earth). Thanks for your (near) sacrifice!

    • Wow, thank you so much! Those are some very kind words and I’m so pleased that you enjoy the beauty-in-the-mundane thing I try to do with my pictures.

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