March 11 pictures: Hey, a beetle!

I found an adult beetle!

I love the little dots down its forewings or elytra. Uh - I think that's what you call those. See, I took an entomology class.

I really did just remember that only a year ago I did, in fact, take an entomology class. It was probably the most frustratingly disorganized class I ever took in college, and today I’ve retained next to nothing, not even hazy memories of the names of most of the groups of insects into which the class was loosely arranged.

I don’t know what kind of beetle it is…some kind of ground beetle? Of which there are, apparently, 2,000 species in North America? That’s as far as I can go in the ID. If I put my mind to it, I’m sure I could figure out more. For one thing, it’s way too early for any newly-minted adult beetles to be emerging from the ground here, so it must have been an adult last year, so I can narrow it down to beetles with longer lifespans. Unless it’s so unseasonably warm that beetles are emerging early. Uh oh! A wrinkle in the logic. I give up.

These remind me of those plug things those punk kids put in their earlobes.

Look, a frog face!

A natural pattern in a sawed off limb.

Juvenile eastern redcedar leaves.

Pretty red buds and lichen

90% chance of rain today.


15 thoughts on “March 11 pictures: Hey, a beetle!

  1. Sarah, you have the most wonderful eye for detail, for patterns, and an appreciation for nature. I love looking at your pictures! It’s like walking through the fields and woods with you.

  2. I love the details. It’s amazing how much is there that we usually step on and keep walking. You capture it wonderfully.

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