Still more pictures from today

1. So, when I was a kid I ate a whole bunch of these. I have no memory of this.

2. Don't go, little boxelder bug! Don't go.

3. Something about all these fibrous threads you see inside snapped limbs is really appealing to me.

4. I'm starting to genuinely like power lines.

5. A poplar leaf and a little smidgelet of lichen.

6. Another smidgelet, bigger view.

7. This is a limb of eastern redcedar -- I like the colors; looks like an abstract painting.

8. Even though this is last year's growth, I love this combination of springy yellow and green.

9. I think this might be an ash tree. It fell down but there's still new growth on it. Some of it's purple, some red, some yellow.

10. I love me some pops of orange.


12. I love these kinds of ripply clouds.


14. A little water bug! These things are so funny. There were a few dozen of them at the shore and they were buzzing around, tipping over, and flailing wildly. This one had just righted itself.

15. I really like this picture -- the full version is just more water and reflection, and while I did mean to include the limb and its shadow I didn't realize there were some waterbugs on there, just chilling, until I looked at the picture on my laptop.



19. I can never resist jack in the pulpit fruit.

20. I wandered to a different part of the woods than I normally go to and I enjoyed the tentacle-y appearance of this old tree's limbs.

21. A little ways away from that tree there was this large leftover patch of ice. Here you can see a maple, pin oak, poplar and elm (maybe) leaf.

22. Inside of a dead tree.

23. I liked the mix of colors on these twigs.

24. Smaller tentacles wrapping around this mighty tree.

25. White, orange and green fungus in honor of the upcoming St. Patrick's Day?


27. Lichen



30. The big ravine and its stream partly in shadow. I think of the clumps of leaves as little immobile beavers, still.

31. Incredible color on the side of this bark.


As I was walking across the yard to go down into the woods and take these pictures, I saw a dark shape scurry down the hill at the edge of the yard. It looked a little like a raccoon and I thought, as I always do when I see a raccoon (usually flattened on the road, unfortunately) of this story I heard on NPR once of a woman who had a horrific run-in with a rabid raccoon. I was sort of surprised to see one now, since I’ve scarcely even seen a raccoon in our woods. In fact I’ve seen just one, and it was a baby, and it was asleep in a tree, and it was adorable.

Anyway, so I went and did my picture thing and forgot all about the raccoon, and I was walking back up the ravine and just crossing over the huge log at my niece and nephew’s fort when a big black shape sprang out from behind the other logs that compose the fort. It was an adult raccoon. It was five to ten feet away, and it lept straight for my face. Wait, no it didn’t. It ran the other way, in fact. But I was just as startled and scared for a second as if it had attacked me. I don’t have so much a flight or fight response, by the way, I have a freeze-and-draw-in-my-arms-to-my-torso-in-fear-and-cry-“holy shit!” response. A few seconds later, though, I calmed down and was happy to have seen a conscious raccoon really close. So. That was fun. Oh, and I neither had my camera at the ready, nor was I mentally at the ready before it was already up the hill, out of sight.

Back up at the house, I noticed my neighbor’s gigantic tomcat prowling our lawn. I like that cat. It’s very skittish so I tried to be as quiet as I could as I came out on to the deck to take pictures of it. The cat was hanging out where I like to take pictures a lot.

34. The cat faces off the fallen tree's base, which has always reminded us of a dragon's head.

35. Digging for gold or burying his shame?

36. Bye, cat.


14 thoughts on “Still more pictures from today

  1. You are right . . . that is one piss-poor flight-or-fight response.

    . . . you should work on that; start by saying something stronger than “holy shit!”

    Nice pictures, as always. The bark looked positively alien . . . reminded me of an amoeba doing its binary fission thing.

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