March 12 pictures: muddy river

It rained last night. It washed away and melted a lot of the ice I’ve been taking pictures of the last few days, leaving behind even more haggard-looking, muddy chunks. I decided to embrace the messy scene with all of its vegetative, brushy, scrappy, rocky, slimy detritus.

1. I love beach glass.

2. I think the really skinny one in the middle, with the black jointed sections, is a little horsetail. That surprised me a little because I've never seen any horsetail growing down by our river.

3. Water running over washed-up twigs in the gap between the two sandbars.

4. Hey, more beach glass.

5. The St. Louis Arch has nothing on us.

6. The ice chunks have received a fresh new spattering of mud with the rain last night.

7. Attractive green scum.

8. Some sediment pooled inside of a shell.

9. A gigantic pile of mud-caked leaves which seems to have gathered in this spot for no special reason.

10. The ice has melted considerably in the last two days.

11. Another icy crevice.

12. The Four Corners of our local ice chunks.

13. More good old fashioned river scum. There's a whole swirling universe in it. This was taken either just before or just after I almost fell into the river when the ice I was stepping onto broke.

14. The view facing south, looking towards our campsite.



17. An ice crater!

18. It's like a satellite image.

19. Already?


7 thoughts on “March 12 pictures: muddy river

  1. I love your macro shots. Very classy. Glassy, even. Also, Gotye rocks my world. I just bought “Making Mirrors” and have been jamming all day. Get ready to take some shots of us dancing this weekend, giiiiiiiirl!

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