March 14th pictures: maple bud madness

Today was a glorious 68°F but it felt warmer. Late afternoon I noticed that many of the Norway maple flower buds in the front yard had begun to open. And that was the thing that happened today.

(1) A few branches of the newly flowering Norway maple and (2) one of the inflorescences close-up.


10 thoughts on “March 14th pictures: maple bud madness

  1. So, let me tell you which ones suck . . .

    . . . hmmm . . . a-ha! number . . . no, not that one . . . oh-oh . . . number . . . no, not that one either. Let me get back to you with that.

    Meanwhile . . . I particularly like #16 and #23.

  2. you make it so freaking impossible to pick favorites! too many good ones!
    #24 (goldenrod) is lovely, #28 (backside of rattlesnake master) is powerful,
    #20 (moss sporophytes) is GREEN and yummy, #19 (orange leaves) is bold,
    #16 (leaning cottonwood) is awesome, #15 (cracked rock) makes me happy,
    #13 (grass seed head) is spiky and wonderful, #3 (twig on ladder) is gorgeous,
    but I suppose if I have to pick just ONE – it would be #12 (squarish leaf) – awesome!

  3. Sarah I really, really enjoy your photographs. And I’m with Maggie, you are masterful with the macro. Not many photographers can go out and consistently bring back as many quality images as you seem to find.

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