Intergalactic planetary

So I heard that we have some planets visible lately, wanted to take some pictures, and here they are. My identification might not be reliable — it’s based on hearsay.

Venus and Jupiter

Venus, Jupiter, and the end of sunset

Mars over our house, benevolently watching


15 thoughts on “Intergalactic planetary

  1. Venus and Jupiter they are:) Venus is the brighter of the two. And watch out for that troublemaker Mars!

    (Note: Intergalactic they are not, but rather our solar system neighbors.)

  2. I just drove home from dinner on the other side of town, and Venus and Jupiter sat low in the sky to my left almost the whole trip. Then I turn on the computer and someone on the other side of the world has taken pictures of the very planets I’ve just been admiring Down Under. I find this weirdly cool. Great pics btw!!!

  3. Nice. I’m undecided between the first two as my favorites.

    I had two sessions with the planets, and I think I’m zeroing in on a good exposure/shutter speed/ISO combination.

    I’m traveling this weekend (Devil’s Tower, WY), and hope to have a few more chances at it.

    I can see the moons of Jupiter (2) in my photos, as little white blobs, but I’m still shooting too long an exposure because both Jupiter and Venus jet blown out. I’ve also shot a couple of the clusters. Very addictive, but I am resisting getting “proper” equipment for astro-photography. Really don’t need another hobby.

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