March 15th pictures: stupid moths and other signs of spring

Early 70s today. The Star Tribune tells me the high temperature today is 30 degrees higher than average. Here are some more pictures of the rapidly burgeoning spring.

Edit: Thanks to Kocart for identifying my “moth” as a butterfly!


8 thoughts on “March 15th pictures: stupid moths and other signs of spring

  1. No. 8 is my favorite. I’m waiting for things to start budding here. But since we’re still getting winter here, we might have to wait a few weeks. Still, some flowers are poking through and some daffodils and crocuses are blooming.

  2. What you have found is a Mourning Cloak butterfly, the earliest riser in the Spring, since they hibernate over the winter as adult butterflies beneath the bark and in crevices of trees. It is my favorite butterfly, and my young son has become an expert Mourning Cloak spotter. The Mourning Cloak causes the him the greatest excitement, since it is a busy and elusive butterfly, and is hard to photograph. It offers only a momentary shooting opportunity unless it is feeding on a choice flower. You have been blessed today with a rare treat!

  3. Beatiful! I love the maple tree bud photo. It has great pink tones. I took photos of our blooming Japanese maple tree today. It was a beautiful day in Atlanta for sure. Check back on my blog in a few because I’m posting my budding photos. Great post and great work as usual! πŸ™‚

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