March 17th and 18th pictures: green stuff

I forgot to post my designated new-pictures-of-the-day yesterday. So here is the post to make up for that terrible mistake as well as post a couple of pictures from today, in the last four. I have a minor (major) preoccupation with new spring growth at the moment, so enjoy.

1. Virginia waterleaf


13 thoughts on “March 17th and 18th pictures: green stuff

    • Thanks. The woods are just crawling with little spiders now, it’ makes me sick but I like their little webs, so I guess it even out. Also I like how plants with something wrong with them as in #17 can be visually much more appealing than the same plant at the peak of health.

  1. Oh, I see you followed me to my place. Thank you Sarah. I’m regret all I have for you right now is white white, everywhere white. I come to your site to remember what colors are.

  2. I LOVE your preoccupation with minute details in Nature. I’m like that, so it is WONDERFUL to find someone else like that [and doing something about it]! 🙂

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