March 19th pictures: early spring thunderstorm

All day long, the weather has been wildly indecisive. We were warned thunderstorms could hit from the wee hours of morning and on, but it only began to rain a couple of hours ago. We needed the moisture, so I’m glad of that. However, I was a little disappointed at the later afternoon timing of the rain, because I had Big Picture-taking Plans. It turns out my prediction about when the first wildflowers would pop was wrong; a handful of the false rue anemones opened today, and some bloodroot emerged — both flowers and foliage, still mostly furled up. I got a couple pictures before the rain and thunder chased me inside, and I thought I was done. But when it seemed to be letting up, I went back down to the woods just as dark was falling to get a few more pictures, just before the ceasefire turned out to be a bluff from the rain gods. We’ll see what’s going on down there, flower-wise, tomorrow.

1. I like seeing the leaves getting discernibly bigger everyday. Storm a-brewin' in the background, but probably not readily apparent.

7 thoughts on “March 19th pictures: early spring thunderstorm

  1. Hi Sarah!
    I love to see all the green coming back to life – the day lilies popping out from under the dead leaves, and the budding leaves. I’m the same way about the leaves getting progressively bigger each day, I’ve been photographing the stages of a plant who’s name I just learned yesterday – Indian Plum!
    My favorite photo of this series is the close up of your deck and the rusty screw head. Nice detail!

  2. Wonderful series of photos. very interesting to see the transformation through the day. I love the bloodroot after the rain… the drop of water is like a magnifying glass or a window. I can see clearly what is in the background.. You must live on a beautiful property. so many trees.

  3. I love a good storm 🙂

    I love that minty green in #22 and the color of that translucent leaf in #25. What color is that? Steely grey/blue? I love it. And all the others too…! Sometimes I wish I could drop a comment on each picture individually, but that might get exhausting for both of us!

  4. hello sarah… I really like your pictures, and since I live in Portugal – Europe, I don’t have all those radical season changes that you have over there. The end of winter and the arrival of spring in such a grandiose style is quite amazing. Can you please tell me where you live… thanks a lot for all the photos you share in your blog…

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