March 21st pictures

1. Rio loves Siberian squill

2. A little friend in the Norway maple

3. Crocuses

4. Barberry; leaves are just starting to open

5. Lichen on stump in my shade garden

6. Metal coils of garden ornament with Norway maple flowers

7. Peeling sign on post in lawn

8. This is not THE tennis ball but ANOTHER tennis ball, one of two, I found in the ditch, from which one of the neighbor's dumb dogs sprang today, barking like a moron. A dumb moron.

9. Boxelder flower

10. Norway maple flowers on front steps

11. Bergenia leaf

12. Bloodroot stamens and pistil

13. Inside of bloodroot leaf

14. Reflections of opposite bank

15. Evening sky above opposite riverbank

16. Branches in river

17. Earlier today I found this moon rock out by the shed.

18. It's not actually a moon rock. Or is it? At first, I thought it was a bunch of chunks of wax molded together.


17 thoughts on “March 21st pictures

  1. great colour in these sarah. i haven’t been able to catch your posts for a couple of weeks and it looks like i have missed some real changes in the landscape and the colours that are catching your eye. beautiful.

    • Wow! A propos that conversation the other day I feel it appropriate to mention those are actually my two favorites of this post, by a significant margin.

  2. Some truly lovely shots, girl. I really liked the reflection one and of course the one with everyone’s favorite Muse.

  3. The branches in the river shot is excellent! Groovy rock find and picture! Yeah, that rock does kind of look like a grade school art project gone wrong but in a good way. Either that or some half-baked soul was trying to make rock candy with actual rocks. Waiting with eager anticipation for your pictures from RedBubble!!!!!!

  4. Wow, Sarah – these are some of your very best – maybe it’s the contrast of spring life against the dead of winter, but whatever it is, you really hit it out of the park. The river shots – #14 and #16 especially.

    • Thank you so much, Lois! This is such an interesting time of year when traces of winter clearly remain. For a while every new thing popping to life is singularly exciting.

  5. Hi Sarah, you’ve given us sixteen treasures, when just one of them would be a spectacular gift. My fave, # 16. Thank you.

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