March 22nd pictures

A mix of old and new growth but mostly new. Rainy, overcast weather today. The sun came out for a little bit while I was taking some of these, though. It’s crazy balmy out.

1. Water on deck after brief rain

2. Crocus

3. I don't know if this leaf fell on the crocus or if the crocus poked through it but I think it's the latter

4. Leaves of crocus and its papery tunic

5. Crocus in the background, crocus in the foreground

6. Snail on daffodil leaves

7. Old and new clematis leaves

8. Echinacea

9. Three echinacea and a boxelder bug

10. Oddly colorful leaf with shrub in the background

11. Strange fungus? Puffball? It looks like a certain chocolaty candy I've seen that tastes more like medicine than chocolate

12. I am intrigued by the pinkish color emerging on these old logs. And hey look, a bug.

13. Trout lilies out on the path

14. Water droplets on Dutchman's breeches leaves

15. It's like a little forest in microcosm...moss, tiny sapling, grass, nestled in dead leaves.

16. Trout lilies

17. A blur of trout lilies

18. Bloodroot leaf

19. Daffodil

20. Little vines twining around trunk. Note all the greenery in the foreground, on the ground.


20 thoughts on “March 22nd pictures

  1. #18 (bloodroot leaf – love me some green), #15 (microcosm), #11 (chocolate candy fungus),
    #4 (crocus with tunic), #10 (red leaf) and my top pick has to go to #2 (crocus through leaf) … these were fabulous, as always!

  2. Wow Sarah! How do you get your photos so spectacular? you are truly talented! Do you use a zoom lens or do you photoshop the pictures at all? I just can’t believe how amazing they are!!!! You are a beautiful photographer!

    • Thank you so much, that’s great to hear! Boy, I wish I had some fancier equipment sometimes; I just have a compact. I am too cheap for Photoshop so I use Gimp sometimes (rarely) and more often just Picasa to touch them up.

      • But you are absolutely an amazing photographer! I try to read every single post. I have never seen someone capture such ordinary things and show how extraordinary and beautiful they are! You have such talent!!!! Keep it up! I love your blog and whatever you are using just shows how gifted you are!!!!

    • Ha ha, I visited the site and gave those crappy things två stjärnor. (And then I said I was on Gotland because, you know, why not.) I would have said one star, but then I remembered all that terrible black licorice and some other choice candies in their selection which truly deserve the lowest rating. Glad to hear the bottles are so popular — they always seemed quite picked over in the stores — although I think those little sour cactus things overtook them as my favorites.

      The thing in the picture does look kind of good, huh.

    • And on the topic of candy, wow, their top 20 list (which only has 17 items, for some reason) is kind of surprising and mediocre. Some of the chocolate — Toblerone and Daim — I like, but holy crap that’s a dreary list. Good to finally put a name to the soda bottles, though (‘Bubbliz’). #17 is unfortunately named. I take it that’s pronounced “yapp.”

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