March 23rd pictures

It’s been raining for many days straight, but today the sun came out to join us for most of the day, which was much appreciated.

1. Crocuses


10 thoughts on “March 23rd pictures

  1. wow … that first shot is an over-abundance of color … bright, and beautiful.
    also love that last shot, with the night sky. a nice change of pace, and done well.
    love the new growth in the river, but my first pick goes to #5 (box elder) with the light shining through … very nicely done!

    • Thanks so much!
      I have to say I’m really enjoying taking pictures of the box elders of late, which is a little funny because those trees have a pretty bad rap (not totally undeservedly; I think they tend to be quite unsightly and intrusive as far as trees go), but their twigs were some of the only colorful things around this winter, they leaf out really early, they’re flowering too, and because they’re such scrappy things that will grow in any old place they tend to be pretty accessible when you want to get pictures of them. And thus ends my love letter to box elders.

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