More March 22nd pictures


9 thoughts on “More March 22nd pictures

  1. Medusa tree is really interesting as a subject. It will be interesting to see where it goes with that (maybe even literally – the thing looks like it’s ready to go mobile). #17 is my favorite of the set.

  2. Love your shot of the droplet on moss sporophyte. You’re quite dedicated to details – I see things best that way too (here’s our blog – I was curious what equipment you are using for your close-up shots.
    Keep up the good work!

    • Hi there Rags! Thanks for visiting! I see some really fantastic stuff on your blog right at first glance; I will definitely be back. As for my camera, I just have a compact so I’m just using its macro setting, nothing fancy (yet).

  3. I really like your new on old leaf. Oh, heck, I’m thoroughly enjoying all of these because they are dripping wet. Droplets clinging everywhere. I haven’t seen rain for so long I’ve almost forgotten what it is and my skin is crackling dry. So I’m just going to dream about lying down in your damp woods on the wet earth amongst all those growing things and smelling the moisture in the air and…oops, got carried away! Your posts are such a pick me up, Sarah. Thanks!

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