March 24th pictures

1. Backlit bergenia leaf

2. Today, a white crocus

3. Profusion of new coral bell leaves

4. My sad little garden Mary and baby Jesus have seen better days

5. I've taken a lot of pictures of moss sporophytes but I think this is the first time this year they've been brand new, which is kind of fun.

6. Trout lilies

7. Little ant at our campsite

8. Dutchman's breeches flowers

9. All the green alongside the path is trout lily

10. Daylily foliage

11. Loved the clouds today

12. Then the clouds got more interesting

13. Norway maple flowers

6 thoughts on “March 24th pictures

  1. Interesting picture of the red ant! I don’t think I have ever seen a red one in real life. It looks rather imposing though and amazingly translucent bordering on transparent. And yeah, it might be time to touch up both (LBJ) and Mother Mary with Easter coming up. Since I don’t have any books to sell I am afraid I will have to end my post here 🙂

  2. Beautiful Sarah! I always can’t wait to open up your posts and get inspired by your photos! It looks like you have more spring than we do. I have only seen a few flowers so far here in the city.

  3. #9 (path with trout lilies), and #1 (backlit bergenia leaf), and #5 (sporophytes – love me some green!),
    but my vote today for the number one shot has to go to # 7 (red ant) … love the luminescence, and his shadow

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