March 25th pictures

2. Cocoon?

1. Male cottonwood flower shedding pollen

3. Lichen

4. These are really tiny little plants. I like the little whorl in the middle here; looks like mini windmill blades. Or so I have decided.

5. Lichen

6. I'm guessing that a little flower petal from a tree, not sure what; it landed on Virginia waterleaf.

7. Blurred bloodroot

8. Wild ginger (which is not closely related to actual ginger)

9. Old leaf surrounded by

10. False rue anemone flower

11. Found a skull

12. Wild ginger

13. Trout lily flower about to open

14. Wild ginger flower about to open

15. Not sure what this is

16. Don't know what these little tubers (or rhizomes?) are but they're funky.


17 thoughts on “March 25th pictures

  1. Nice finds today! The cocoon, the skull! So cool! What animal do you think that was? Coyote? I also like the yellow lichen, the larger among the smaller pieces. It’s pretty.

    • Thank you! I think that might be a raccoon skull based on the size and some pictures I saw online of how the top of the skull curves and what the teeth look like. But really not sure.

  2. Nice finds.

    I look on with envy as we continue with one of the driest springs in a long while. Beautiful weather, but I’m having to water the trees and shrubs fearing they will be hurt. No moisture in sight for at least another week, maybe longer.

    • We’ve had rainy weather (with intermittent sunshine) for over a week now, so things have really popped. Of course things were already incredibly mild before that, but things have taken off unbelievably in the last week. Here’s to hoping your dry spring ends soon.

  3. wow – so many interesting ones you posted today! I could easily pick several as favorites.
    I guess I’m going to have to go with my first instinct for the number one spot — #4 (tiny whorl).

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